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Jamaica is often referenced for the anti-gay attitudes of its people. For some Jamaicans, rejection of homosexuality is not only a defense of Christian values, it is also a marker of national identity.

Homosexuals are rendered foreigners at home as their bodies are marked as deviant and alien. The varied manifestations of heterosexism and homophobia in Jamaica have been the subject of numerous academic studies.

The symposium will facilitate discussion about the contours of Jamaican (sexual) citizenship, the place of LGBT people in Jamaica today and the path to a more inclusive Jamaica.


  1. To highlight the struggles and strides made by J-FLAG in making Jamaica the place of choice for LGBT persons to live, work, raise families,  and do business.

  2. To dispel misconceptions about the LGBT community with the support of research.

  3. To explore the layers of homophobia experienced by LGBT people.

  4. To provide national coverage of an evidence-based dialogue on sexual identity and gender expression.

  5. To improve the public’s understanding of the unique challenges faced by LGBT Christians.



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