National Youth Conference 2014

The last two decades have seen several attempts aimed at arresting the decaying values and attitudes that exist across the island of Jamaica especially among the youth. Evidence from a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Leadership and Governance (CLG), as well as utterances from several sectors of the Jamaican society suggests that much more effort is needed to inculcate positive values and attitudes in the youth. Importantly, there is need for a national discussion regarding strategies to promote positive values and attitudes among the Jamaican youth. Against this background, the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona, and the Ministry of Youth and Culture, in association with the Mona School of Business and Management and the Institute of Cultural Studies invite submissions of Academic Papers, Case Studies, Work in Progress/Posters, PhD Research, Round Table Proposals, non-­‐ academic Contributions, White Papers, Policy Briefs and Concept Notes/Papers on a wide range of topics for the First National Youth Conference to be held November 26, 2014 at the UWI Regional Headquarters under the theme ‘Preparing Youth for the Future: Promoting Values and Attitudes for Development’.

The objective of the Conference is to provide a platform to stimulate, develop, and share information regarding the values and attitudes of the Jamaican youth. It also aims to assess the implications of youth values and attitudes for the development of Jamaica as well as formulate strategies to promote positive values and attitudes among the Jamaican youth. The conference will also attempt to provide a space for networking and the exchange of ideas, strategies, success stories and lessons in youth work.

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