Professor Figueroa and Dr. Wayne West Discuss the Bain Dismissal on CVM TV

More clarity on the dismissal of Professor Brendan Bain as head of CHART in light of the conflict of interest that resulted from his testimony on behalf of a coalition of churches in a case challenging the constitutionality of a Belizean Law, which criminalises men having sex with men. Professor Brendan Bain testified in the said court case on behalf of a coalition of churches that were seeking to retain the 1861 Law. This conflicts with the policy position held by CHART that the removal of laws that criminalise anal intercourse between consenting adults is necessary for a comprehensive, effective response to the HIV epidemic.

Watch the full length discussion here that took place on CVM TV’s May 28, 2014 edition of Live @ 7 with expert epidemiologist Professor Peter Figueroa of UWI and radiologist Dr. Wayne West also of the UWI.

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