J-FLAG, among other things:

  1. provides support in the event of a crisis or impending crisis; after assessment done by the Crisis Intervention; support provision is based on the impact of the crisis and resource availability of the organisation;
  2. does significant personal development and community building in the gay community;
  3. offers counseling and referral services to gay people and their families;
  4. has consultations and collaborations with noted local and international figures and human rights/health/political interest groups, in the process of working for constitutional and other legislative changes;
  5. has made written submissions to the Joint Select Committee of the Houses of Parliament for the inclusion of “Sexual Orientation” as a basis on which the Constitution of Jamaica prohibits discrimination;
  6. provides support for asylum claims to LGBT persons who have experienced discrimination, harassment and violence based on their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity;
  7. maintains a library and archive of resource for academic research